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More Stars Than the Heavens

A Classic RPG Community

Classic Role Play
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This is a community for classic actor and actress role play. Come and join as your favorite classic film star. This is a new community, so most of your favorite stars are still available! The timeframe of the RPG is between the 1920's through the early 1960's.


1. Check the Cast of Characters and the pending journal classic_pending to see if your celebrity has already been taken. If they are still available make a post with the phrase "More stars than the heavens" in the header. Please state your name and the name of the celebrity you want to portray.

2. After you have been approved, please make a journal for your celebrity and an introduction to class_redcarpet. There you can meet other members of the film community.

3. If you already have a journal set up from a previous community, that's fine too. As long as it's for the celebrity you are approved to play. Remember in your user info, make sure to leave a disclaimer, claiming you are not who you claim to be or are not affiliated in any way.

4. Make sure to post in your journal at least once a month. This is a very important rule! The community is for active members only. If you will not be able to post in any given month, please contact the mods to let them know your situation. Otherwise, any journal not updated in 4 weeks will be subjected to removal.

5. Please join the other Classic RPG (listed below) communities.

6. When not in character, make sure to use brackets.

7. The Bibliography Clause: We have found out, rather quickly, that everyone is learning more about the stars they love and discovering new stars they never knew of or thought they would like, but they don't know where to find out more. Therefore, we're asking that if you become a member and are portraying someone, when you use websites, books, magazines, etc. you add your source to your profile.

8. Please only two character portrayals per person.

Have questions or concerns? Contact the moderators at:


Or send an email to Classic RPG

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