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Fingers are crossed for a possible meeting with Mr. George Burns

A lot of really nice things are going on. I got to go to my first movie set. A guy named Frank Taylor had been coming to a show our band 'the Suttletones' had been doing at a local hotel in Reno. This came to inviting us to his set. It turned out he was filming his movie 'the Misfits' in the area. I was so nervous getting to go see all these movie stars but at the same time tried to absorb everthing that was going on on the set. I even got to sit down with Clark Gable and talk about the college I had gone to for a year, Northwestern. Only thing I wished had happened would have been to meet Marilyn Monroe. I caught a glimpse of her on the set but it was from a distance. She is such an amazing and beautiful woman. Later that night I called home and told my parents every detail of my day.

After Reno we got booked at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. We got to play with some great show business people. Tony Bennett headlined the main showroom and we shared the lounge with the talented New Orleands trumpeter Al Hirt and his band. We didn't really get to play peak show times but we still created a buzz. Even Mr. Hirt and Mr. Bennett would stay and listen when we played. Below is a picture of 'the Suttletones'.

Now it appears I am going to start my solo career. Manager Bobby Roberts (works with Pierre Cossette) is wanting to sign me, and not the Suttletones. He is talking about making records and movies! I can tell he is already working on things because he is saying he could get me an audition for George Burns, who has a reputation for discovering new talent. Only thing I need to do is work on getting myself and my accompaniest Scott (from the Suttletones) out of a contract we had with Frenchy, the manager we had in Chicago. I am really hoping he works with us so we can get things going with Bobby and Mr. Burns. Keep your fingers crossed.
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